Viksit Engineering Limited is a trading organization which deals in trade of manufacturing and agriculture goods.



Notice of AGM
Viksit Notice of AGM 2017-18 Viksit Notice of AGM 2016-17 Viksit Notice of AGM
Outcome of BM
Outcome of BM 10.08.2016 (Results)
Letter of Appointment
Letter of Appointment G C Sharma & Shambhunath
Letter of Resignation
Resignation of Shri Dinesh Gupta ji Resignation of Shri Sanjay Khandelwal ji
Board Meeting Notice
Viksit Notice of BM 30.05.2018 Viksit Notice of BM 11.11.2016 Viksit Notice of BM 30.06.2016 Viksit Notice of BM 30.05.2016 Notice Of BM 12.02.2016 (Newspaper)
Outcome of AGM
Outcome of AGM
Scrutinizers Report
Voting Results along with Scrutinizers Report 2016 Scrutinizers Report 2014-15

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icon Viksit Engineering Limited,

Regd. Office: Room No. 1-2,
Kapadia Chambers, 5 1 Bharuch Street,
Masjid Bunder (E),
Mumbai - 400009 (MH.)

Email: investor_viksit@yahoo.in
Website: viksit.in

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